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“solution focused business support” means helping you get the right business support services to turn your business idea into reality. Leicester for Business offers high quality business ideas generation, start up support and ongoing help and assistance. Moreover, our business support services are free at the point of delivery. We are a consortium of seven different agencies that work as a single team to provide business support in Leicester and we share a wealth of skills and experience that benefit our clients.


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Social Media is the future and the future is now!

For many small businesses, expensive means of advertising, fancy PR stunts and big campaigns are not an option. Social media is the most efficient, inexpensive method of marketing. But only if it's used properly!

Posted April 17th at 15:12:46

Meet and Mingle at Manhattan Bar

Posted April 10th at 14:52:54

The best business survival tactics

4 useful tips about how to deal with financial struggle.

Posted April 03rd at 17:00:11